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Brampton: Aam Aadmi Party Toronto volunteer group organized the trip of Bhagwant Mann, Aam Aadmi Party senior leader and Member of Parliament, from Sangrur constituency, India in Toronto on Dec 26th – 27th. In spite of his short stay of less than 24 hours in Toronto, he made every possible effort to engage himself in party (AAP) related events. He was
received and given warm welcome by AAP Toronto members Sudeep Singla, Sumesh Handa and Kamaljeet Sidhu at Toronto Pearson International on December 26th late afternoon.
Speaking to Yudhvir Jaswal from Midweek Newspaper AAP MP Bhagwant Mann Said “Aam Admi Party is currently focusing on Delhi Elections and after that we will focus on Punjab,Bihar and other states. We experimented at the Lok Sabha elections but our gains were mainly in Punjab and Delhi.” Mann said “Our motto is Paanch saal Kejriwal(5 years for Kejriwal). The fight in Delhi is between AAP and BJP, as Congress is loosing everywhere. Our captain for Delhi is Kejriwal and BJP has no Captain for
Delhi.” Mann also said that he was committed to work for a common man. He said Punjab is not doing well and Punjabis settled abroad feel the pain. He also said ” I have raised the voice of a common man in the Indian Parliament. We have to increase religious tourism through connecting important religious places through Railway service. I use poetry as a
tool to talk about issues and my attendance at the parliament is very good. I cannot fight all the issues alone I need support from you.” On the issue of religious conversions he said the youth needs education and jobs today. My priority is Education for Youth and health for Seniors. ‘Meet and Greet’ event was arranged at Airport Bukhara on Friday, December 26th from 8 pm to 10 pm. There was a massive turnout of 100 plus supporters at the event within a short duration of 2 hours of news being made public for the evening dinner. Brampton City Councilor, Gurpreet Singh Dhillion from Ward 9 and 10 presence also graced the occasion. Esteemed and well distinguished South Asian Businessmen from GTA also attended and supported in full zeal. Sudeep Singla in his short speech thanked everyone for coming over during the holiday season. Bhagwant Mann in his relevant and eloquent speech, provided the details of his work as Member of Parliament and Aam Aadmi party’s preparation for upcoming elections in Delhi. He enjoyed the dinner, had good time interacting with people and obliged each and every one with pictures being clicked with him. On the following day (December 27th) press conference was arranged in Chandni Banquet Hall from 10 AM to 11 AM where lot of leading media personalities from south Asian media were present. Bhagwant Mann addressed the questions from media in a very articulate manner. Press Conference was followed by Convention. More than 1000 people attended the convention; everyone was all ears and it was an amazing sight to notice pin drop silence in the hall while Bhagwant Mann was making a speech before the audience. Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s nephew was present as well and addressed the audience. Recorded messages by few AAP national leaders and Punjab
candidates addressing and urging Canadian Indians for support were displayed on the screens. Mal Singh Bassi, who is very hard working volunteer of AAP-Toronto Chapter, presented Bhagwant Mann with Saropa and Kirpan. Bhan Garg gave a very powerful speech urging people to support AAP. Charanjeet Brar gave closing remarks and thanked everyone.
Bhagwant Mann was seen meeting and greeting people and getting pictures clicked with all the supporters cheerfully. He did promise the people of Toronto once Arvind Kejriwal becomes CM of Delhi; he will try his best to bring him in Toronto at Baisakhi Nagar Kirtan. In nutshell, Bhagwant Mann’s visit to Toronto is acknowledged as a very successful event in its own. In spite of all being arranged in 2 days’ notice, the large turnout of folks did reaffirm the faith of “mango people” in Aam Aadmi Party. This whole event was organized and coordinated by Sumesh Handa and Sudeep Singla of Aam Aadmi Party Toronto. The purpose of the convention was to bring all the supporters on one common platform, explain how NRI’s can provide support and get them involved in AAP (Adopt A Constituency) program.Toronto team has adopted Tilak Nagar under AAC, Bhagwant Mann introduced Jarnail Singh-Tilak Nagar candidate, presented his report card for all the work he did in his constituency and Jarnail Sign’s video message was displayed urging Toronto volunteers to support in all possible ways. Other people who contributed to success of this event are Satya Aggarwal, Kamaljit Sidhu, Akshthal Kalia, Mohammad Rehan, Manmeet Sibal, G Guleria,
Mathura Das and Jasveet Singh. Volunteer engagement booths were managed by Ajay Raghav and Nitin Jain. Surinder Mavi and Susheel Kalra synchronized all the backend logistics. Though senior volunteer of Aam Aadmi party Toronto chapter, Paul Badwal was not in town but he was very much in touch to provide necessary feedback to the whole unit. H S Somal from Somal Watches presented wrist watch to Bhagwant Mann. Last but not the least, special thanks to Laddie Sahib from Chandni Banquet Hall, Avtar Brar from Micro Printing and Manjeet Singh from Airport Bukhara restaurant for providing necessary logistics. Inderjit Dhanju shot the video for all the events. Photography was done by Manohar Singh
Sagoo and Harmz P Singh. He left Toronto late evening of 27th December for Vancouver and he is
scheduled to meet and greet with volunteers on Sunday, December 28th

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