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Andrea Horwath slams Liberal plan of reducing hydro bills 

BRAMPTON – NDP Ontario leader Andrea Horwath alleged the Hydro plan by the Liberals to cut rates by 25 per cent at the federal level is not well devised. She said during an interview on Channel Y with Yudhvir Jaswal, Group Editor and CEO of YMedia recently. During this interview she alleged that hydro rates are constantly going up and due to this, residents in the province are facing problems. She also questioned the
Liberal plan of privatizing the Hydro One organization. When asked the hydro bills are being slashed by 25%, Horwath said it is of no use because if the car loan is spread out over seven years instead of five, the car does not belong to you. It still remains on lease. About PC leader Patrick Brown, Horwath was of the view that he is new in provincial politics and does not know what to do. She also added even the PC party has no plan to tackle the issue of hydro bills. She said only NDP has a plan to save about $7 billion on hydro bills. What is the use of reducing hydro rates if during peak hours or time-of-use pricing remains high and reduced only at night time which does not help people, especially the seniors. Horwath said if NDP comes in power, it will axe peak pricing and the money thus generated will be passed on to people. When asked as a leader though survey show she is very popular and her personal approval ratings amongst all the other provincial leaders are high, why the NDP as a party does not seem to be getting any seats at the provincial level? Horwath said may be people have forgotten the NDP rule in the province as it was a long time back but the true test of par ty approval is not surveys, it is the actual voting day when people decide who to vote for. Currently PC leader Patrick Brown stands at the second position and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne only has 14 per cent to 16 per cent support. Horwath is at the top of the ladder. Provincial elections

in Ontario will be held in June next year.

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