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‘Baba and Baba are married to each other’: Arjun Kapoor on his equation with Ranveer Singh and more 

With his cheerful and carefree disposition, Arjun Kapoor is not only a hit with the ladies, but is also one of the few Bollywood actors, who has many close friends within the fraternity.

Among the current crop of actors, apart from Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun also shares a good rapport with Tiger Shroff. He exclaims, “I’m everybody’s friend. The other day, I met Tiger. I was happy to see him. When I saw his debut film Heropanti (2014), I felt this guy had something to make it big.” 

He adds that rather than competing with each other, one should make the most of being in Bollywood. The Namaste England actor elaborates, “We’re fortunate to be in this industry, people want to be in our position. So, why have any negativity? Sabki filmein chale, hamari thodi zyada chale… We should celebrate that we’re one fraternity. When we can get together when there is a need, why can’t we do so when there is no need? The negativity comes from external factors.” 

The actor admits that as he has grown up in the industry, his friends are largely from it. He states, “My friendship with Ranveer began during Gunday (2014) and our bond has strengthened over the years.” The two fondly call each other Baba. He adds, “Varun and I did our acting classes together. I got along with Alia (Bhatt) fantastically during and after 2 States(2014). With Priyanka (Chopra), I can sit and have a conversation about anything. I don’t see any reason to be concerned why I am friends with them, or maybe I should have pals from outside the industry. Kaunsiinsecurity hai that two heroes can’t be friends. We support each other. I can think like that because I’m not selfish.”

Quiz him about factoring in dates to attend his Gunday co-star Priyanka’s marriage and he answers, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t go for Priyanka’s (engagement) party as I was shooting that time. But I told her I was very happy for her. I hope she has an amazing life with Nick (Jonas).”

Ask him about his Baba (Ranveer) tying the knot with Deepika Padukone this November and he jokes, “I don’t know about that Baba (Ranveer) and I don’t know about this Baba (referring to himself). I think Baba and Baba are married to each other (laughs). Hum dono ki shaadi ho chuki hai.”

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