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‘Bigg Boss 12’ November 7, 2018 Written Update: Dipika joins ‘Happy Club’, a war ensues between Karanvir and Sreesanth 

Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra and Shivashish Mishra mutually decide that Shivashish should leave the bungalow. Dipika further discusses her strategy with Megha Dhade. 

Sreesanth tries to intimidate Deepak Thakur. When Deepak retaliates, Sreesanth asks him to call his ‘Naag’, referring to Karanvir Bohra. Karanvir asks what’s the matter. They both have a small tussle.  

Romil Choudhary, Deepak, Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan decide not to leave the bungalow. Sanchaalak Srishty Rode faces a tough time convincing both the teams to continue the game.  

Karanvir tells Deepalk that he wants to become the captain, this time. Sreesanth whispers something into Jasleen Matharu’s ears after which she decides to leave the bungalow. Karanvir and Dipika get angry as she takes the decision without consulting them. 

KVB tells her that she should have had the courtesy to at least inform them that she is leaving. She tells them that she was just coming to tell them. When KV continues lashing at her, she says that she overheard his conversation with Deepak and if he can make plans, even she can. 

Shivashish Mishra also gets upset with Jasleen for not sticking to her word and leaving the house. She tries to speak to him but he refuses to listen anything. 

Karanvir tells Jasleen that if she wants to be in the team then she will have to play like a team-player. She says there is no team. Karanvir asks her to remember what she is saying. He asks her to play solo from here onwards.  

Karanvir tells Megha that he discussed his and Sreesanth’s fight with Shivashish and he agreed that Sreesanth is wrong. Meanwhile, Shivashish tells Sreesanth that he is on his side and asks him to stop fighting with KV.

Sreesanth tells Megha that Dipika is the silent master-game. Dipika goes to the Happy Club and asks for a favour. She tells them that she wants either herself or Karanvir to win the captaincy and asks them to support her. 

Megha and Sreesanth make a strategy to make her win the captaincy. As per Happy Club’s strategy, Deepak comes out of the bungalow saying that he needs to get his bandage changed. He goes and reveals their strategy to Karanvir. 

Surbhi Rana comes out saying she needs to take a bath. Karanvir and Megha get upset as they once again miss out on an opportunity to go inside the bungalow. Megha becomes adamant for going inside as the next gong rings after which the task comes to a stand still. Bigg Boss asks Srishty Rode to decide who among KVB and Megha deserves to go inside. Sreesanth, Rohit Suchanti start cheering for Megha. Srishty sends Megha inside. 

Karanvir gets upset with Srishty. Deepak also tells her that she made the wrong choice. Srishty stands by her decision. Karanvir and Sreesanth get into an ugly verbal spat. 

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