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Bill Morneau, Federal Finance Minister Visited Channel Y Studios on Tuesday 

Bill Morneau, Federal Finance Minister visited Channel Y Studios on Tuesday and met Yudhvir Jaswal, CEO & Group Editor of Y Media.

The details of complete interview are:-

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau visited Channel Y studios on Tuesday.

He was asked questions regarding trade with USA and federal govt’s financial planning

Morneau was asked Canadians are questioning where all the money is going

Liberal govt announced during elections that it will run a $10b deficit

However, what has been observed is that is much more than that

Morneau explained the deficit increased due to changes in global oil prices

This, Morneau said forced the govt to change its policy

He was questioned about lack of infrastructural development though Liberal govt promised to invest in it

Morneau was told in GTA one highway was made in last century

He was told no stadium or infrastructural development has taken place since then

He said federal govt has kept aside funds for infrastructure development

But, he said, they can only be offered if provincial govt ask for them

He was asked if the government is ready amid changing economy as several professions are posing issues

Morneau was asked about challenges faced by taxi industry in wake of Uber, other ride sharing services

Morneau was asked about trucking industry that can face challenges if driverless vehicles are introduced

He was asked if Canadians are ready to embrace change?

Calling it a good question, Morneau said govt has challenges but funding is available to prepare Canadians

Morneau  was asked about govt purchase of Kinder Morgan pipeline for $4.5 b from private company

Morneau defended move saying it is right decision as it will create jobs

Morneau said it will make oil supply better and assist in exporting it to the world





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