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Blaney to ban niqab if wins PC leadership race; Obhrai slams 

Quebec – Quebec MP Steven Blaney, running for Conservative Party’s leadership has said he will put a ban on the niqab adding he will introduce legislation to forbid the Islamic face-covering veil while voting and taking oath of citizenship. He told media: “We are a country that is built on immigration, but we have to be sure that those new Canadians we welcome are understanding of how we live. We don’t want our country to become like the country they left. We fully welcome you, but we want you to respect who we are.

“Quebec has played a leadership role in discussing those issues in an open manner. I believe we are ready in Canada for a robust and mature conversation about our Canadian identity. Canadian citizenship is one of the most valuable and highly respected in the world. While this prestigious citizenship comes with a set of rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it also comes with responsibilities which are based on a set of fundamental principles designed to ensure dignity, freedom, and equality of all Canadians regardless of their race, gender or age.”

But another Conservative Party Leadership candidate Deepak Obhrai, has slammed Blaney’s take on the issue saying: I do not agree with Steven Blaney’s position on niqab. My campaign is based on inclusiveness and embracing diversity.”


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