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Budget 2017: Building A Strong Middle Class – The Right Plan For Brampton! 

Member of Parliament for Brampton South applauds investments in today and tomorrow by federal government

OTTAWA— Budget 2017 is centered on jobs, skills, and a strong plan for the middle class and those working hard to join it. It has measures targeted for families, businesses, communities, young people, seniors, and also has broad measures for all Canadians. More details for each aspect is available online at budget.gc.ca.

Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton South, Sonia Sidhu, commented that, “Budget 2017 is the next step in this Government’s ambitious plan to make smart investments that will create jobs, grow our economy, and provide more opportunities for the middle class and those working hard to join it. This plan has a number of key measures that will help constituents of my riding of Brampton South, and I look forward to sharing the good news with them over the weeks to come.”

Budget 2017 will:


  • ·         Support an ambitious goal of providing 10,000 work-integrated learning placements or co-operative education opportunitiesfor Canadian post-secondary students and graduates each year. Budget 2017 offers $221 million over years starting this year to achieve this goal and provide students relevant work experience.
  • ·         Provide more compassionate system for Caregivers through the creation of the Canada Caregiver Credit that provides $310 million in additional tax relief for caregivers over the next five years, while simplifying the tax system
  • ·         Eliminate the $1000 Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) fee for bringing in medical caregivers into Canada, as well as the LMIA fee for middle class families making less than $150,000 in family income.
  • ·         Build up Canada’s infrastructure, including establishing a Canada Infrastructure Bank, a Smart Cities Challenge Fund, and public transit investments of $20.1 billion over 11 years in cooperation with the provinces and territories
  • ·         Equip Canada’s workers with the skills and tools they need to succeed in a changing economy. It makes smart investments to help adult workers retrain or upgrade their skills to adapt to changes in the new economy, and to help young people get the skills and work experience they need to start their careers.
  • ·         Position Canada at the leading edge of a changing economy, by helping to ensure Canadians are able to access the jobs of the future. Budget 2017 helps connect companies on a global scale, takes an innovative and collaborative approach to solving modern challenges, and helps businesses get what they need to grow.
  • ·         Build stronger communities, by improving access to early learning, child care and affordable housing. Budget 2017 takes concrete action to improve the quality of life of all Canadians, with more cultural and recreational centres, as well as safe and accessible public spaces.


With its strong focus on innovation, skills, partnerships and fairness, Budget 2017 takes the next steps in securing a more prosperous future for all Canadians. It helps hard-working, talented and creative people develop the skills they need to drive our most successful industries and high-growth companies forward, and invests in Canadians’ well-being through a focus on mental health, home care and Indigenous health care.


“Canada is home to a well-educated and highly skilled workforce, but as the demands of the workplace change, so too must the education and skills workers bring to their jobs,” said MP Sidhu. “The changes in the economy—both here at home and around the world—present incredible opportunities for the middle class and those working hard to join it.”


By taking action today—investing in the things that Canadians need to succeed now and well into the future—Budget 2017 will help deliver a growing economy that works for every Canadian.


“Budget 2017 is about jobs. It’s about creating good middle class jobs today, while preparing Canadians for the jobs of tomorrow. The next step in our plan for Canada’s economy is making the smart, responsible investments we need to be innovative and competitive, while improving the health of our communities, ensuring a better future for our kids and grandkids,” commented Hon. Bill Morneau following the Budget speech.


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