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MISSISSAUGA – Rising Hydro rates are worrying people especially seniors and young families and the Liberal plan of privatizing Hydro One will saddle the next generation with problems. This was stated by Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath during an exclusive interview with Yudhvir Jaswal, Group Editor and CEO of YMedia on Southasian PULSE radio.
Andrea maintained it is not a likeable plan as the amount of money spent on it will create further problems and transfer about $40 billion extra to the next generation. Therefore Hydro rates should come down. They should be reduced but the Liberal government does not seem to have a plan. She claimed the NDP system if applied is a good plan as people need relieve but how they are doing it so stubbornly has messed off the system.Andrea worried that the current Hydro plan will make the next generation of Ontarians – our kids and grandchildren pay for it. However, if an NDP plan is implemented it will slash Hydro rates by 30%. The NDP will do it by getting rid of certain charges. Due to this people no more will be required to arrange their lives around specific timings for laundry and cooking and get a chance to live a normal life. Andrea maintained privatization of government bodies must stop and selling them at loss, costs heavily. Hydro should be brought back to public hands so that people stop paying higher rates in future while stopping profit transfer to foreign companies. She claimed if the NDP comes to power, it will buy back Hydro One’s shares that can be done by engaging experts over the next eight years. The dividends thus attained will be used to buy back shares from that company. Andrea said in this way about $7 billion can be brought back to the province and the company will again be owned by people. The Liberal
government is saying their system works like a mortgage but once you pay the mortgage, you own the house. However, with the Liberal system one cannot own it even after 30 years. Andrea moaned the fact that life in the Ontario is becoming too expensive and no measures have been taken to help people. It is not only high Hydro bills but also housing, high rents,
lack of good jobs are also some of the major issues. Andrea specially hit at temporary agencies saying they are creating uncertain work situation. Today in the province people do not have affordable housing, renting or purchasing a house is getting difficult, and healthcare facilities is getting scare. She acknowledged that the newly opened Brampton hospital has been built but it is already getting over crowded. It has the busiest emergency. So, she said as Brampton in par ticular and the Peel region in general continues to grow, services are not being kept up. It requires more hospitals, services for seniors need to be addressed and that is why NDP is anxiously waiting for the new budget but no date has been announced by
the provincial government as yet.

Andrea once again reiterated the families are struggling but the next generation can built a good life here with an NDP government. She also thought that GTA
and Hamilton’s housing market should cool down. NDP is watching this debate closely and listening to experts as to what measures the Liberal government
is considering. In the light of this the NDP is putting together a plan that will be released for party platform before next elections. It will have a package of initiatives
to stop high prices taking over the rental market. She said an immediate change is required in the market as renters are giving notices to tenants and doubling
rents but they are forgetting that salaries or pensions are not doubling.
When questioned about Wynne 12% approval rating compared to hers who is popular unlike her party NDP that lacks popular support, Andrea replied NDP is
listening to what Ontarians have to say. People want to see a great province, a great place to live but it is becoming harder to build a good life here. They are tired
and disappointed by Wynne’s choice. Andrea added people also know that conservative Patrick Brown only believes in making cuts and privatization as has
been done in the last 17 years. He does not know much. He is constantly changing his mind, changing position, and has done nothing. He lacks vision and
commitment, she claimed.
She said Ontario is a great province and people deserve to have good life, good jobs, have extra money to go on vacation, buy a new car. Thus with this in mind
NDP will keep on doing what it is and prepare for the next election campaign. When asked with all these drawbacks the PC party is still ahead of the game, Andrea
thought it was quiet interesting as most of the time Ontario was either ruled by the Conservative or the Liberal parties except for once. They are also saying again
what they have to offer but not asking people what they want. This is making people nervous. So it is not that NDP cannot win. It can and is working to win holding
hope for the future of this province where people can thrive, their kids and next generation can thrive.
About youth employment, Andrea said it is frustrating for the youngsters who have been to the university and to the college but once they come out of those
institutes there is nothing for them. NDP is putting together a youth employment programme to get youth on the job experience. Currently with the work-integrated
learning, only 30% students are taking part what is called the co-op placements but all students should be able to do this – that is academic and real work place
experience. She informed that soon they will table a private members bill in the parliament that students should be provided work experience.
This, she said will also help employers chose students for work. Currently students are searching job but because they do not have work experience, they do
not get a proper job so this needs to fix it and there are ways to do it and that is exactly what NDP will do. On the future course, Andrea said people have seen
a Liberal government and a Conservative government but people were unhappy with both. So in future now, Ontario would know where to go – to a party that
believes in no more cutting of private service, energy, or healthcare. So people are careful with what change they want and NDP is the
change that will make Ontario a better place to live and give people a chance to succeed, Andrea concluded.

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