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Building on Improvements to Canada`s Caregiver Program 

Our Conservative Government is proud to announce significant reforms to the Canada`s Caregiver  Program. The Caregiver Program allows Canadian families to invite foreign nationals to live and work in  their home to provide care for children, elderly persons, and people with disabilities, when there is a  shortage of Canadians available to fill the position. After two years of work, caregivers have the option  of apply for permanent residence. As a direct result of listening and organizing extensive consultations with caregivers, our Government is
responding to their concerns, while working to ensure that Canadians always have the first chance at  available jobs. The changes introduced reflect the profound value and contributions that caregivers  provide for Canadian families and the economy.  In recent years, we have delivered important improvements to the Caregiver Program, including making  open work permits available to live-in caregivers immediately upon applying for permanent residence,  increasing the amount of time available for a caregiver to complete the work requirement, adopting a  standardized employment contract for live-in caregivers, and arranging emergency processing for new  work permits in cases where caregivers have been abused by their employer. Now, our Conservative Government is building on these improvements.  We are removing the requirement that foreign nationals live in the home of their employer. This will
help better protect caregivers from vulnerable situations, including uncompensated overtime, poor  working conditions, or worse. In addition, the live-in requirement for foreign caregivers has kept  caregiver wages low. By removing this requirement, we are working to help increase caregiver wages,  resulting in greater opportunities for Canadian caregivers.
Our Government’s improvements to the Caregiver Program will also enhance the efficiency of the  permanent residence application process for caregivers. To address the backlog of caregiver  applications, we nearly doubled permanent resident admission levels for caregivers in 2014, and we will  continue this initiative moving forward.  To ensure that permanent residence applications are processed within six months, we are launching the  Caring for Children Pathway and Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathway programs.
Following the completion of the application’s requirements, these programs will help reunite caregivers  who have spouses and children at home more rapidly. Our Conservative Government is proud to support caregivers, who deliver important support to  Canadian families. We are reforming the Caregiver Program to improve processing times for permanent
residence, reunite caregivers with their families, and protecting caregivers from potential abuse

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