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‘Chowkidar chor hai’ slogans raised against Pakistan army following Imran Khan’s ouster


  • The rally was being addressed by PTI leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed against Imran Khan’s ouster
  • “Don’t raise slogans… we will fight with peace,” Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told the crowds
  • PTI took out rallies in several cities of the country to protest against Imran Khan’s ouster

‘Chowkidar chor hai’ slogans were heard at a rally addressed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in Punjab province of Pakistan. According to the reports, the rally was being addressed against Imran Khan’s ouster as the prime minister of Pakistan, which was attended by thousands at Lal Haveli in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Raising slogans, the crowds referred to the army as “Chowkidar” and called them “thieves” which was “stealing” Imran Khan’s mandate.

However, in a viral video, Sheikh Rashid, the former Interior Minister was seen trying to stop the protestors from raising the slogan against the country’s army. 

“Don’t raise slogans… we will fight with peace,” he said.

Highlighting the National Assembly’s mid-night decision, Sheikh Rashid said, “If you want to save your country then don’t take a decision in the dark of night but in daylight.”

“On 29/4 there will be Eid. Be ready we will take the jail bharo movement from Lal Haveli daily. I myself will take it from Karachi,” he said, adding that he “will tell all the Sindhis that they (then opposition) are thieves, docents and robbers.”



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