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Congress overlooking internal talents in talking to PK: G-23

The Congress dissident group ‘G-23’ is preparing for another round of face-off with the party leadership as it waits for the outcome of the top brass meet with political strategist Prashant Kish or.

Sources in the group say that party leadership is overlooking and ignoring in-house talents and relying on somebody who is not loyal to the party and is a professional consultant. They say that what all PK, as Kishor is popularly known, is telling the Congress leadership have been raised by the group in their letter to interim President Sonia Gandhi and in subsequent meetings.

PK is suggesting a non-Gandhi President, revival of parliamentary board, end of nepotism, and turning party into an election machine – all these issues have been raised by the group and this can happen only when the party goes for election from the grass root level to the CWC level, said a source.

The Congress leaders may disagree to the suggestions of some outside the Gandhi family leading the party but sources indicate that Kishor has suggested a massive revamp of the party.

The final decision is likely to be taken by Sonia Gandhi, after she goes through the report submitted by the sub-group she set up to examine his recommendations.

However, the G-23 is upset at not being consulted for the ongoing discussions on the proposals given by Kishor as roadmap for the 2024 general elections.

On Wednesday, two Congress CMs, Ashok Gehlot from Rajasthan and Bhupesh Baghel from Chhattisgarh, were called to Delhi to discuss the proposals.

While a host of Congress leaders were present for the discussions, ever since the formal consultations began on the proposals, G-23 leaders were not made party to them, including Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is one of the seniormost party leaders.

However, Veerappa Moily, who was one of the signatories of the letter written to Sonia Gandhi by the G-23, has welcomed the move to rope in Kishor.

The Congress is now more focused on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, which will go to the polls later this year, as success in state polls will be crucial going to the general elections in 2024.

In total, there are six big state Assembly elections ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.



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