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Conservative Whistleblower On Brown Campaign Says She Discussed 3rd-Party Payment With Patrick Brown

Former Brown Campaign Regional Organizer Issues Statement
The following statement is issued on behalf of Debra (Debbie) Jodoin, who worked as a Regional Organizer with the Patrick Brown Leadership Campaign from May 2022 to June 3, 2022.
“I have been a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and its predecessors for 22 years, and an organizer with many different campaigns over that time,” says Ms. Jodoin. “In April 2022 I agreed to join the Patrick Brown Leadership Campaign at Mr. Brown’s request to assist as a Regional Organizer.”
“Mr. Brown told me that it was permissible for me to be employed by a company as a consultant, and then for that company to have me volunteer with the campaign,” says Jodoin. “He connected me by text message with a third party for that purpose. I trusted him, but as time went on I became increasingly concerned with the arrangement and suspected it was not OK.”
According to Jodoin, in June she asked Mr. Brown personally that the campaign pay her expenses. Brown expressed surprise that the expenses had not been covered and said he was “on it”. Shortly after that, says Jodoin, “a corporation paid me and paid for my expenses, not the Brown campaign.”
“Through counsel, Ms. Jodoin shared her concerns with the Conservative Party,” says Jodoin’s lawyer, Jason Beitchman of Loopstra Nixon LLP. “It was at her request that the Party made efforts to keep Ms. Jodoin’s identity confidential. She is a private citizen, not a public or political figure, and has many friends and colleagues in all campaigns. She did not wish to be in the middle of a political issue.”
“However, her primary interest is to ensure the integrity of the democratic process and that the Rule of Law is followed. On that basis she felt it was her obligation to raise her concerns, and leave it to others to determine what further steps should be taken, if any.”
Beitchman further notes that “Ms. Jodoin expressly rejects any suggestion that she was coerced or pressured by others to come forward and did so of her own volition.”
“Given that this matter is under appeal and that the Party has referred it to Elections Canada, I will be making no further comment,” says Ms. Jodoin.

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