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Container Truckers strike enters third day 

First round of talks to resolve stir fails
Mississauga/Sep10, 2015

Indefinite strike by container truckers entered third day on Wednesday as first round of talks between Container Trucking Association of Ontario and representative of transport companies failed to arrive at a conclusion. The talks between both sides took place in a Mississauga hotel and lasted for few hours.

According to association spokespersons the parleys are expected to resume sometime later today.

“ There was no consensus among association members about the offers made by companies. We are not satisfied with the rates that they are willing to offer”, said Jaswinder Singh Brar, vice president of the Container Trucking Association.

Representatives of the transport companies could not be reached for the comment.

Trucking is one of the biggest professions in local South Asian Punjabi community and is a main source of income for a large number of families in the community.

Truckers are upset with low service rates, long waiting time at rail yards and rising costs of fuels.

“Expenses have skyrocketed and our wages have gone down. We are actually fighting for survival”, said Tehal Singh, a Brampton trucker.

“Crisis in trucking economy will have far reaching ramifications in the community. Numbers of families in our community dependent on trucking are really big”, said Raj Jhajj, a local community activist.

The strike is also getting attention of local federal candidates and many of them made a point of visiting the agitation site to express their solidarity. Brampton’s Liberal candidates issued a joint statement on Tuesday to express their support for the truckers. Conservative MP Parm Gill was there on Tuesday. “ I’m here today as a member of the community. I understand their problems and would raise the issue with Lisa Rait, our minister of transportation”, said Parm while addressing to the truckers.

The strike is also expected to cause disruption at local rail yards and will subsequently cause delays in transportation of goods in the whole GTA.

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