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Ontario – About 19,000 people die every day of hunger or hungerrelated causes, according to the United Nations, this is one person every four seconds. Sadly, it is children who die most often – four children in every minute due to lack of food. There is enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough money to buy food. India is now rated among the top four countries in the world for undernourished children under the age of 5.
Over 40% of the children in India suffer each day from lack of nourishment and live with achingly empty bellies and bodies. Child mortality rates are alarmingly high. Recent studies show that solidly one-quarter of India’s population is hungry. Creating Dreams Global Outreach is diligently working to
ensure that underprivileged children are provided with basic necessities including clothes, education and most importantly food. These children need the support of a helping hand, a hand to guide them towards a brighter future they deserve. Whether they are children in orphanages, children without
families, children living on the streets or children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education; regardless of what tragic circumstances they are in. Our short-term goals for the next three years include expanding and establishing our organization in India. We want to ensure that more
children living in highly economic challenged areas where parental or other guidance is not available are guided and educated towards
local school system. With a hands-on approach, Creating Dreams Global Outreach volunteer staff will personally visits orphanages in India where and provide good environment to orphans and street children in a caring manner. By working with grassroots partners, we will identify and resolve their most critical needs, guaranteeing individually tailored project goals while effectively distributing limited resources and minimizing overhead. You may ask, “What difference can I make?” Getting started can be as simple as this… If each one of us commit to catering for one person and his needs, just one, we would be able to make a huge difference. We request you all to feed one person. It will cost you just $1 a day. Let’s start feeding the souls who need it the most. In fact, we will be feeding our souls waiting to be fed. And if you can afford to feed more than one please do so. Start to realize there is somebody that you know is on a soul level who needs to be taken care of. When somebody’s stomach is empty, they cannot appreciate life, they cannot exist.
We have organized an event to educate people about Creating Dreams Global Outreach and to raise fund to feed and educate unprivileged
children in India. Please come forward and support our event that is taking place on Saturday, November 22 at Woodbine Banquet Hall starting 7.30pm onwards. Tickets are $50 each and proceeds will be used towards this noble cause. Please contact Joti for more info or to buy the tickets. Come forward to adopt a child at $1 a day. Call us at 647.388.1141. Whether you are an individual, family, small group, or a temple or a church, there are numerous ways that you can make a difference for orphans or less privileged. We may not be able to help all but we
can help a few. Take a moment and imagine tackling hunger. . . . It exists and persists. The need is shockingly measurable, and seemingly insurmountable. Imagine the change you can bring in one’s life by being helpful in providing education. Together, we can do it.

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