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Deal with North Korea very much in the making, says Donald Trump 

Washington: A deal with North Korea is very much in the making, and if completed, it would be a very good one for the world, US President Donald Trump has said, a day after he stunned the global community by accepting an invitation to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The Washington Post said Trump’s personal involvement in the White House’s deliberations over the world’s most serious and vexing security situation “has placed a president who considers himself a master dealmaker into the most fraught faceoff of his 71 years”.

“The deal with North Korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the world. Time and place to be determined,: Trump said in a tweet, as experts and analysts scrambled to decipher the unexpected and surprising decision of the president.

“A breakthrough that would reduce Pyongyang’s nuclear threat would be a legacy-defining achievement. A stalemate that gives Kim a photo-op for nothing in return could fracture US alliances and be seen as a devastating embarrassment,” the daily said.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump has stood the traditional diplomatic model on its head.

“Casting aside years of protocol, the president agreed to a summit with Mr Kim before any of his aides had even sat down with a North Korean representative to clarify precisely where Pyongyang stands on fundamental nuclear issues,” it said.

And for the New York Times, the high-level diplomatic encounter is so risky and seemingly far-fetched that some of Trump’s aides believe it will never happen.

“Several officials said on Friday that the United States still needed to establish direct contact with North Korea to verify the message from Mr Kim that was conveyed by South Korean envoys to Mr Trump on Thursday. They warned that Mr Kim could change his mind or break the promises he made about halting nuclear and missile tests during talks,” the daily said.

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