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Democracy keeps Indian Muslims away from extremism: Akbar 

New Delhi: Secular liberal sustained democracy in India has ensured that its large Muslim population has not fallen victim to extremist ideologies unlike in other parts of the world, said M J Akbar.The Minister of State for External Affairs was delivering a keynote address at a seminar organised by the Observer Research Foundation on Tackling Insurgent Ideologies.Tracing the history of global insurgencies, Akbar lauded Indian Muslims for not joining the ranks and files of groups like Daesh in numbers as seen in Europe and other Muslim majority countries.The reason why Indian Muslims are not falling victims to temptation of Islamist violence is because Indian Muslims are the only Muslims in the world who have enjoyed seven decades of sustained democracy, he said.He said, “Given the sheer numbers and potential that exists in our country, given the sheer enormous variety of India, what we have achieved in this country in keeping the equality of faith, is an answer to the idea of terrorism.”In remarks alluding to countries like Pakistan to the west of India, Akbar argued that others do not understand the concept of cross border terrorism because those who believe in faith-based space do not believe in borders. Those who believe religion could be basis of nationalism or a new state actually deny the logic of a nation state, remarked Akbar.The minister also emphasised that battles against extremist ideologies like that of Islamic State can simply not be won on the battle field, but needs to be fought at level of mindsets too.He cited economic empowerment as one of the four key pillars of modernity needed to counter extremism.

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