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Didn’t join politics to check prices of ‘aloo, tamatar’, says Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said he did not join politics to check the prices of ‘aloo, tamatar’, as he attacked the Opposition parties for tabling a no confidence motion against him in Parliament, accusing him for mismanaging the economy.

Addressing a political rally in Hafizabad city in Punjab province, Khan said the nation would stand against elements trying to topple his government through “buying the conscience of the [lawmakers] using money”. He said Pakistan was going to become a great country in the remainder of his term, adding that the incentives announced by his government would yield results soon.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that 25 years ago, he decided to join politics for the sake of the country’s youth, adding that he had no personal gains from doing so as he already had everything in life that a person could dream of.

“I didn’t join politics to know the prices of ‘aloo and tamatar’ (potatoes and tomatoes). I joined it for the sake of the country’s youth”, Khan, also chairman of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, said.

“If we want to become a great nation, we will have to support the truth, and this is what I have been preaching for the last 25 years,” Khan said.



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