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Disrupting the Disruptors: Local Driver Co-op Offers Businesses and Drivers Better Opportunities

Canadian technology platform co-operatives, Direct Global/Direct Co-ops and Local Driver Co-op, are giving drivers and businesses a chance to take advantage of a Co-op model that sees drivers keep 90% of revenue/ride fees from every trip and costs businesses using them only 5%, through their Direct Local Eats food delivery app. This is a major departure from existing big private sector players that charge businesses up to 35% in fees and leave drivers with less than 60% of revenue from each trip. It’s all possible because of a unique Co-op structure that lets participants share ownership in a Local Driver Co-op, a driver-owned co-operative formed in each city.

“This is the future and the only way to make the so-called gig economy fair for all participating in it,” says Ahmed Attia, President CEO of Direct Global and Co-founder of Local Driver Co-op. “Not only are the fees and pay for the drivers and businesses that are members very appealing, but those who are the heart and soul of the company have a chance to be part of the growth, decision-making and ownership of it as well.”

Direct Local Eats is currently running successfully in parts of Ontario, Canada and also around the world. A very successful pilot project in Guelph, Ontario saw almost 100 drivers servicing more than 75 local businesses, mainly in the restaurant and grocery sectors.

“I really enjoy how Direct Local Eats has a lower commission fee compared to their competitors. They keep more money in the pockets of the driver, the customer and the restaurants, all the while offering great customer service”, said Alex Tami, Owner, Sugo on Surrey restaurant.

Plans to significantly expand across Ontario are underway with the company recently signing an agreement with A & W Canada to be a delivery partner for over 1000 stores across Canada.

“Direct Local Eats is one of the best new solutions for online delivery. We at A & W have seen our bottom line go up with the fees being as low as 5%. It is also great for the drivers, who get to own their platform and keep the majority of the delivery fee. We have heard a lot of good reviews from the drivers and are happy to be partnered with Direct Local Eats.” said Rajat Kalra, an A & W franchisee in Toronto.

Direct Local Eats is currently launching in the GTA , actively recruiting member businesses and drivers to support its rapid growth. Sign up is easy and fast at (for drivers) or for businesses. You may also call: Rick Singh 647-505-2100 for more information. Membership is free for businesses and will remain free for the first 1000 drivers in each major city.



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