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Toronto – Organizers of Niagara Cricket and Bollywood Festival (NCF 2014) are all set to dazzle Canadian enthusiasts with an awe inspiring event that is being organized on August 14 to 17 at the 16-acres Niagara Cricket Club at 5114 Thorold Townline Road on the border of Thorold and Niagara Falls. Navid Qureshi, Tan Qureshi’s younger brother, owns the land and has given the club on a 10-year lease at $50 a year.
Tan Qureshi, member of the Niagara Cricket Club informed listeners during a recent show of Souhasian PULSE that though Canada was once a cricketing nation and its roots can be traced back to 1890 while the British were still residing in the country and it remained Canada’s national game under before fizzling out lately. In 2008 after the Ridley College’s cricket program in the country collapsed, the club continued playing its home games for the two years in Hamilton and kept the dreams of many for the game alive.
But soon the club members Tan Qureshi, Patrick Little and Javed Mian realized the lackluster cricketing arena needed new blood to be pumped in its veins and therefore in 2011, the trio came up with the idea to build a cricket ‘Field of Dreams’ in Niagara. Tan talked to his brother, who owned a huge piece of land in the vicinity that was laden with weeds if it could be used for organizing the ‘gentleman’s game’ who consented.
What followed was history as the three friends went ahead with their cherished plan. The barren land started looking like a beautiful bride with all the upgrades that included gradings, berms and seeding, lighting arrangements, manicured field and a portable classroom to serve as a rudimentary clubhouse. The next step was to gain the government’s blessings, get the legal work done, attract cricket heroes and most of all charm the sponsors. Tan remembered fondly they were the luckiest people as things starting falling in place and today they have the support of Cricket Council of USA (CCUSA), Cricket Canada, Canadian Ministry of Sports and the Tourism Ministry of Canada.
Talking about the upcoming event, Tan said the cricket love-affair in August will assume the shape of a huge festival and is being held in Niagara Falls, a place that for long has fascinated global tourists. It took organizers three years to hold such a massive show that is slated to draw thousands of people. Tan claimed arrangements for the show are of the highest standard and international players who often face NOC issues while travelling abroad will not find any obstacles. He also mentioned Jes Miller, event manager in Dallas game who is overlooking everything in the USA and has ensured the presence of American clubs at the tournament.
Tan added: “At the same time the stadium also has state-of-the-art facilities with a seating capacity of 60,000 people who would be able to see for the first time teams from all over North America and some of the best international players sweating it out during the four-day tournament to clinch the $30,000 prize money. Some of the teams participating in the event are Connecticut Blizzards, Washington Tigers, All Stars USA, Smart Choice, Oakville Cricket Club, Hamilton Cricket Club, Punjab Tigers and much more.
“The event will also have a wild card entry from one of the Canadian cricket clubs. On August 17 the Broken Dance Group of GTA that enthralled sports enthusiasts during the recent Raptors game will bring Bollywood live to audiences. The MC of the show will be popular comedian Jasmeet Singh.”
The Niagara Cricket Club has several plans for the coming seasons as the group sees a huge rise in the interest of people in the game as a large number of people are migrating from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to Canada. Though the club does not have a kids program but intends to kickstart it by next year as it is becoming such a rage among South Asian and African youngsters settling in the country. Currently it runs Premier and First Division teams against squads from the Niagara Cricket Academy in Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Hamilton Crescent, Oakville, Mississauga, Halton, Stoney Creek and Burlington.
The latter three centers run only Premier League teams. About 55 cricket enthusiasts from diverse cultural backgrounds are members of the Niagara club. The younger players start in First Division and progress to the top team. Tan Hope cricket once again will make headway in Canada and progress in leaps and bound providing young cricketers of Canada a chance to make it to the league of big boys and enhance their fortunes tremendously. He invited all and sundry to attend the first of its kind event in Canada and “be part of this alluring program and experience the frenzied excitement that enhances the adrenaline of cricketing nations across the globe.

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