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Dr. Cheema’s Five Tips for Cancer Awareness and Prevention

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, about four in 10 cancer cases can be prevented through healthy living and early screening. The good news is you can reduce your risk of cancer right now. There’s no time like the present to start making positive lifestyle changes to feel better and live longer.

Get tested and screened for cancer.
Cancer screening helps identify cancer early, before you have symptoms and when it is easier to treat. Early detection may mean less treatment, less time spent recovering, and a better chance of survival. Talk to your doctor today about various cancer screenings available.

Make healthy food choices.
Eating well is an important part of reducing your cancer risk. Healthy eating begins with eating a variety of foods each day to get the nutrients you need for good health, as well as not eating more than your body needs.

Be sun smart.
Prolonged exposure to UV rays will increase your risk of developing melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, as well as eye or lip cancer. Using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen will help reduce the risk.

Kick that smoking habit.
According to the Canadian Cancer Society, smoking is responsible for an estimated 30 per cent of all cancer deaths in Canada and approximately 72 per cent of lung cancer cases. The greater amount and length of time you smoke or vape, the greater your risk of getting sick. It is never too late to quit smoking so get the support you need today!

Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
A lack of activity and too much sitting will increase your risk of cancer. Start small
and build up to being active for 30 minutes each day. If you have to sit for long periods, take frequent short breaks and get up to stretch, walk around the room or grab a healthy snack.

Dr. Parneet Cheema, MD, MBiotech, FRCPC, is Osler’s Medical Director of Cancer Care and Head of Cancer Research. As a medical oncologist, Dr. Cheema completed her postgraduate training at the University of Toronto, where she holds an academic appointment as Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Cheema is an international leader in lung cancer, precision medicine and immunotherapy treatments for cancer.



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