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Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe casting its spell on audiences across Canada 

Pavan Malhotra interview – Midweek Special

By Shazia Malik


Toronto – Ace Indian actor Pavan Malhotra who is playing lead role in the upcoming Punjabi movie Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe is thankful to the makers of the film for trusting his abilities to play the character of a great philanthropist and erstwhile hero, Bhagat Puran Singh.

In an interview with Southasian PULSE radio Malhotra said the personality of the person was so enormous that playing his role posed a great challenge to him but he upped the enigma through his powerful performance giving the movie a heady rush. He could not assume that character without comprehending the life and works of Bhagat Singh in its entirety and how he touched the lives of the ordinary people. To play that role he had to get the grasp of the rendition that pushed Bhagat Singh on a journey of altruism never caring if he could be able to resurrect the teachings of gurus.

Malhotra claimed: “I was amazed to read about his life how he served the underprivileged, orphans, and special kids who were not being catered for. He worked for their welfare due to the early childhood teachings of his mother to be kind to humanity and teachings like clear roads from stones in case someone doesn’t see them and fall. When he asked the mother but if no one else cares why should I? The mother replied, someone has to start a good deed and you can be the first one.”

He added: “In today’s world we come across very few people who dedicate their lives for the well being of others. Bhagat ji, named as Ram by his parents, started his life as a savek (helper) in a gurduwara where he rendered selfless services. Later because of the mass exodus of people due to India-Pakistan partition, he took upon himself their responsibility by going door to door asking for medicines, and food for them. Later he thought of nurturing people’s lives by opening up Pingalwara in Amritsar that still is operational.”

Malhotra was greatly impressed by the services rendered by Bhagat Singh, who stayed away from the impending insolvency of ordinary humans, and called it an inspiring journey of a human being who not only served his people but went to great lengths in preserving environment. He congratulated the film director for thinking of such a topic and making such a film. He also urged community to not only go to theatres themselves but take their kids along with them to motivate and stimulate them to lead a virtuous life.

Malhotra professed: “I was amazed to know that Bhagatji, a name given to him because of his services, was not a university graduate but a very well read person and loved nature. He always used leaves to write his letters, was against cutting of trees, too much use of cars and trucks as they spread pollution and wasting water.”

Never intoxicated by fame quoting another example of humility Malhotra stated when renowned journalist Khushwant Singh called him up showing the desire to interview him and hasten his trip via a car, he discourage him to do so and advised not to spread pollution and arrive in Amirtsar either on a cycle or a tonga. Though doing an impeccable job Bhagat Singh never craved for publicity or governmental awards.

The movie is running successfully across Canada and is being presented by White Hill Production Inc. in association with Pingalwara. Malhotra will be seen in one of the most mesmerizing performances of his life while keeping the film afloat.

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