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Frederick Banting International School Fosters Critical Thinking in Students 

BRAMPTON – At Frederick Banting International School the administration believes that education ought to be an empowering process. Rather than imposing knowledge on students, it should guide them to cultivate their own minds and characters.

Principal Sanjiv Dhawan professes the school’s philosophy: to help children attain self-knowledge and improve their own levels of dedication, critical thinking, benevolence, and orientation towards prompt action. The purpose of education is to open young minds and fill them with awe. This makes it possible for each learner to perfect himself/herself and strive towards creating a morally just, creative, and democratic society!

The administration of the school, located at 21 Coventry Rd, believes in a number of foundational fundamental values. Dhawan stresses the principles of integrity, equality, responsibility, peace, fairness, innovation, risk taking, collaboration, trust, compassion, citizenship, honesty, respect, accountability, and excellence.

Frederick Banting School aspires to provide an environment for its students that promotes a progressive pedagogy: emphasizing student-focused learning, less structured curricula, and inspiring students to be intrinsically motivated in their studies. It ultimately seeks to help its students become more creative, innovative, imaginative, and confident problem solvers, high achievers, and life-long learners.
The school has followed the same principles on which Guru Tegh Bahadur International School was built, that is, providing an environment where students are engaged, understood, and supported. Students learn through inquiry-based instruction where they are encouraged to reach
their fullest potential.

Ultimately, the school is committed to providing a setting that nurtures the development of well-rounded personalities – a setting that supports students in their pursuit of academic success and personal growth along with social responsibility. Frederick Banting strives to engage students in an unparalleled educational voyage. In effect, it devises various methods to create innovative learners.

Some of these methods involve participation in enriching field trips. In addition to taking its students to both the Toronto Science Centre and Royal Ontario Museum, the school also recently visited the nation’s capital for three days. There, it engaged in a number of activities seeking to promote students’ critical thinking. The students had the privilege of attending Question Period at Parliament (graciously organized by MP Raj Grewal’s office), which exposed them to live debates between competing visions of Canada’s future.

Likewise, students visited the Canada Aviation and Space Museum where they were inspired by the insatiable human thirst for knowledge and adventure. Students were also able to critically evaluate the ever progressive demands of justice during their visit to the Canadian Supreme Court. While in Ottawa, Frederick Banting also provided its students with the opportunity to speak with the following Members of Parliament: Ruby Sahota, Sonia Sidhu, Ramesh Sangha, and Kamal Khera. Also, the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains took the time to share his experiences of parliamentary democracy with Frederick Banting’s students. This encounter with commendable political figures inspired students to push the boundaries of their minds further and aim to conquer ever greater intellectual and ethical heights. In particular, MP Sahota spoke to the students extensively about the
democratic pillars on which our progressive society is founded: access to opportunity, social justice, and equality before the law.

Along with its extensive extracurricular attention to critical thinking, Frederick Banting also follows an individualized teaching approach in the classroom. This begins with its commitment to small classroom sizes, in which teachers can ensure that each student critically evaluates the intellectual opinions he or she encounters in their studies. Dhawan, a long time academician himself, also places a firm emphasis on handwriting and employs a number of renowned pedagogical strategies to ensure that his students’ handwriting is not only neat, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Students are thus taught to approach all endeavours with care and take pride in the excellence they produce. This puts them in an excellence-striving position from which they are, in turn, able to critically evaluate the ideas of others. Frederick Banting – is currently enrolling for the next academic session. Registration is open. More information can be obtained from the school’s website: https://fbi.school/ or by calling reception at 647-407-4600.



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