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Fund collection for flood affected residents of Indian Kashmir. 

As we are all well aware from the news reports regarding the Natural calamity in the form of floods and landslides that has befallen on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The graphic images that we have seen through the television and online reports are heart wrenching. People have lost all there lifelong belongings, their homes and families have lost their loved ones to this devastating floods.

OSGC through its Guru Nanak Relief Fund has always been in the forefront in providing relief to the affected people whether it was Haiti, Pakistan, previously in Jammu and Kashmir, the tsunami relief; it has provided material and monetary help through its resources. In the past OSGC along with the Sangat of the GTA, its member Gurdwaras, and the press organizations (Sikh and Punjabi press Clubs), South Asian media outlets have collectively come together and organized fund collection that was distributed directly to the affected people.

At this juncture we appeal to the one and all to come and stand together with our distressed brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir and become part of this Toronto based effort to support them in this hour of crisis. It has always been a Sikh tradition to help the needy and those in crisis, we at the OSGC will strive our best to collect as much funds as possible so we can provide the maximum help to take care the needs of those affected by this natural calamity.

Fund raising has already started with the member Gurdwaras collecting funds at the following Gurdwaras; Scarborough, Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Sikh Heritage centre, Guru Nanak mission Centre, Rivalda Rd Gurdwara, Kitchner Gurdwara Sahib and Gurdwara Shaidgarh, Dundas . You can donate at any of the above Gurdwaras anytime; also volunteers will be at these Gurdwaras throughout the weekend to solicit donations for the flood victims.

Donations can also be made directly to Scotia Banks OSGC, Guru Nanak Relief Fund Account # 2404 2 0231584 at any financial institution you deal with.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself Ranjit S Dulay 647 290 4704 or Sect Manjit S Parmar 416 524 7330.

Ranjit S Dulay

Chairman, OSGC 

Courtesy: IANS

Courtesy: IANS

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