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Gillette Fusion Proshield provides double lubrication for a much better shave 

By Prashanth

According to research, quoted by Gillette, on average men take around 170 strokes with the razor when
they shave, 120 of them are from shaving on the same area repeatedly. This is a regular habit for most
men who shave, but they don’t really know about it.
I recently got the new Gillette Fusion Proshield razor that the company just launched in Canada. I
normally use a different brand and thought this would be a good opportunity to see how different Gillette
really was. I noticed that with this razor, the blade could move on the handle which Gillette calls FlexBall
technology that allowed the blade to keep maximum contact with the face to enable closest possible
shave. However, the newest feature in Gillette Fusion Proshield is that it provides lubrication to the face
both before and after the blades, apparently meant to shield the face from irritation and redness
regardless of the number of strokes you take while shaving. A Gillette executive was quoted saying that
the idea behind this was for Gillette to create a blade that helped protect guys from skin irritation from
shaving instead of trying to change their shaving habits.
So I tried the new razor for the first time over the weekend. After applying some shave gel to the face, I
started shaving. Even after the shave gel was wiped off, I kept on shaving without applying any more gel,
which is what I usually do. With Fusion Proshield, however, I could feel the lubrication on my skin even
without the gel. And though I took quite a few strokes, I didn’t feel as much irritation as I usually do with
my regular razor. It was quite amazing and the shave felt much better and smoother.
I will try this new razor a few more times while I’m thinking about switching from my regular brand. The
difference is huge, so I’m not sure I’ll enjoy shaving as much with the old razor as I did with this one.
Somehow, Gillette Fusion Proshield seems to shave even tough stubble quite well, giving a cleaner
shave. Looks like I’ll have to dispose my old razor soon.

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