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Hamilton bully victim was “sweet” “quiet” boy; helped others being bullied 

Hamilton teen who was fatally stabbed outside of his school on Monday, Devan Selvey is remembered by his loved ones as a quiet kind kid, who kept to himself but was also a peacekeeper. Mikey Wager, the 14 year old’s friend since junior kindergarten, said, “Devan stood up for himself but he stood up for others more than he did himself, he would put others way before him.”

He said his last words overheard by his mother were “I was not raised like that.” The sentence, he said, was in response to a taunt by a female student. Just moments later, Selvey was stabbed in the back as he tried to escape from a group of teens who were allegedly assaulting him with bear mace.

“Saying something and doing something are two completely different things,” Wager said. He added that Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School was notified about a bullying issue with the same group of five students several times. In fact, his father said he’s been to the school four times and even once to Hamilton police to file normal complaints about bullying involving his son and Selvey.

Speaking to a media source, he said, “I’ve gone to the school, we’ve talked to the police, they all know the story and the story will come out eventually on the aspects but today we’re just talking about Devan. Devan did not deserve any of this.” Shawn said he is concerned about the school’s bullying culture and does not plan on sending his own son back after what happened to his friend.

Director of education with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, Manny Figueiredo said, “True transparency, you say does bullying occur in our schools and our communities, yes it does. In terms of this specific case with Devan, what we’ll be sharing with the police for the investigation is what did Devan report to the staff here and how did he respond.”

Two people have been charged in connection with the stabbing. Two other teens were arrested Tuesday and released by police without conditions.

The Selvey family is making funeral arrangements and he may be laid to rest Saturday. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.

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