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Harper announces start of federal election campaign, Election Date 19th Oct 2015 

OTTAWA, ON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Sunday Morning the start of the 42nd federal election campaign, following his meeting with the Governor General at Rideau Hall. Canadians will go to the polls on October 19, 2015.

“This is an election about leadership on the big issues that affect all Canadians: the economy and our country’s security,” said the Prime Minister. “Given the serious economic and security issues facing the world, it is appropriate that Canadians should have time to consider the alternatives before them.”

“A national election is not a popularity contest,” Prime Minister Harper said. “It’s a genuine choice between practical, serious, real-world experience and a dangerous approach that has failed before and is failing in other countries.”
78 days of Federal election campaign will be one of the longest.


In his opening statement of the election campaign , NDP Leader Tom Mulcair launched his Campaign for Change .“After ten years of Stephen Harper, middle-class families are working harder than ever but can’t get ahead. Canadian wages are falling, incomes are stagnant, household debt is skyrocketing and 200,000 more Canadians are out-of-work than before the 2008 recession,” said Mulcair. “Clearly Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working.”


Liberal Party Leader , Justin Trudeau said “We want change that will make a real difference in the lives of all Canadians – change that will help families make ends meet, put more money in their pockets, and bring this country together,” said Mr. Trudeau. “It is time for a new plan to grow the middle class and grow the economy.”

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