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Harper Announces Support For Resource Development Through An Extended And Enhanced Mining Tax Credit 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative government would continue to support responsible resource development through tax credits encouraging mineral exploration, including in Northern and remote communities.

“Resource development is critical to expanding our economy,” said Prime Minister Harper. “When we strengthen our resource sector, we create jobs, fuel growth and promote prosperity across the country.”

The existing Mineral Exploration Tax Credit was introduced by the Harper Government in 2006 and has helped mining companies raise over $5.5 billion for exploration. A re-elected Harper Government will extend the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for three years to continue to support mining exploration and investment.

Prime Minister Harper also announced an enhanced Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for Northern and remote projects to help support potential mines that face higher costs because of their remote location and distance from transportation routes.

“Mining is at the heart of many of our communities including through Canada’s world-leading mining supplier industry,” the Prime Minister said. “With this enhanced credit, companies and communities will be able to move forward with more potentially game-changing mining projects in remote parts of the country.”

The Prime Minister noted that both his opponents have a record of irresponsibly attacking the Canadian resource sector and the jobs that it provides.

“Justin has voted against the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit and publicly opposes a number of critical projects that would develop our resources responsibly and create jobs,” the Prime Minister said. “He simply doesn’t recognize the importance of responsible natural resource development to Canada’s economy and isn’t capable of managing Canada’s $1.9 trillion economy.”

“Thomas Mulcair and the NDP oppose resource development for ideological reasons and voted against the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit,” said Prime Minister Harper. “When it comes to resource development, Mulcair stands with anti-development activists who want to halt all development no matter the consequences. The NDP’s economic policies would kill jobs and hurt Canada’s rural and Northern communities.”

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