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Harper Presents Plan To Continue To Protect The Economy 

OCTOBER 16, 2015

Ottawa – Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented his record in the Quebec City area and his plan to protect Canada’s economy for the next four years. The Conservative record in the Quebec City area is solid and will continue to preserve Quebec’s heritage as well as grow its economy in the coming years. The concrete plan to maintain a balanced budget, keep taxes low, open new markets for businesses and workers and create new jobs will ensure a prosperous future for Quebecers and all Canadians.

“Our number one priority is the economy. We must stay the course together, with more Quebecers at the decision-making table,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Since 2006, our Conservative government has maintained a strong collaborative relationship and has shown great respect in its dealings with Quebec, and I’m proud of this. I want to continue to ensure a more stable, a more prosperous and a safer future for Quebecers.”

Among the key accomplishments in Quebec, the Prime Minister reiterated that in 2006, the Conservative government recognized for the first time that Quebecers form a nation within a united Canada. He also reiterated that his government confirmed Quebec’s presence as a member of the permanent Delegation of Canada to UNESCO. There was also the transfer of National Assembly land to Quebec, an historic agreement on the joint management of petroleum resources in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the harmonization of the sales taxes, with Quebec receiving $2.2 billion in compensation.

The Prime Minister also reminded people that the Conservative plan to protect our economy is focused on these key priorities:

  • Keeping the federal budget balanced.
  • Lowering taxes for small businesses and workers.
  • Aiming to create another 1.3 million new, well-paying jobs by 2020.
  • Opening new markets for Canadian businesses and products.
  • Aiming to add more than 700,000 new homeowners to Canada’s rolls by 2020.
  • And providing new tax relief and benefits to families and seniors.

“The Conservative Party’s platform is the only one that does not raise taxes on businesses and workers, and has a clear, credible plan to keep the budget balanced each and every year,” said Prime Minister Harper.

The Prime Minister reminded people that Canada is leading the G7 in economic growth and job creation. The Canadian economy has created more than 1.3 million net new jobs since the depths of the recession. Moreover, the vast majority of these jobs are full-time positions in high-wage, private sector industries.

“Canadians face a clear choice in this election,” the Prime Minister concluded. “It’s a choice between our plan to respect Quebec and continue a solid collaboration in the future, with a concrete low-tax, balanced-budget plan to protect our economy and create new jobs. The alternative is permanent deficits and higher taxes being proposed by the Liberals and NDP, which will ultimately harm our economy and put jobs at risk.”

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