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Harper Renews Support For Kanishka Project On 14th Anniversary Of 9/11 

(Sep,15) – Last week Prime Minister Stephen Harper commemorated the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and in particular the 24 Canadians who died that day.

“The murder of 24 Canadians at the World Trade Center during 9/11, the Air India bombing in 1985, and the callous attacks on two Canadians right here last year all serve to remind us that Canada is not immune to terrorist threats,” the Prime Minister said.  “When we stand together against terrorism, we stand in support of Canadian values of freedom, democracy and pluralism, and in defence of our way of life.”

The Prime Minister marked the anniversary by committing to renew the Kanishka Project for five years with an investment of $10 million. The Kanishka Project was named in recognition of the 1985 Air India bombing and established in 2011 to counter terrorism and radicalization in Canada through research and education.

Harper said “We know the measures we have taken are necessary precisely because they are working,” the Prime Minister said. “Canadian authorities have stopped would-be terrorists from travelling overseas to join ISIS, and have arrested and charged suspects plotting to commit terrorist acts in Canada.”
A re-elected Harper Government will build on our record of fighting global terrorism to keep Canadians safe. And, we will continue to address the growing problem of terrorist radicalization and violent extremism among Canadian youth by providing a renewed $10 million in funding for the Kanishka Project.

We will also create banned travel zones in terrorist-controlled parts of the world to stop foreign fighters who return to Canada from launching terrorist attacks. We will support persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East who are facing genocide at the hands of ISIS. And, we will continue to assist the victims of ISIS in Iraq and Syria by providing humanitarian aid and refugee assistance.

Together with our ongoing efforts, these actions will help keep Canadians safe from the threat of terrorism, will help cut off the supply of new terrorists seeking to join groups like ISIS, and will protect vulnerable minorities overseas

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