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Have a healthy heart this Valentines day with these indoor exercises

It is said that love is good for the heart. And, February being the month of romance and passion, it is essential that you, too, dissolve in the aura of celebrating this season.  You have often heard people say, “You won’t find love sitting at home.” Well, that is not true. You can totally find love sitting at home if you sit the right way. What does the right way mean?

How often do you sit in the wrong postures and complain of aches? Relatable right? So, let’s start by sitting straight and not slouching. It can be difficult at first, but everything easy initially starts from being tough.

But, you know, there is a better and permanent solution to it. You still have to stay home, but you cannot just sit. You would be required to make some moves.

Do you enjoy dancing? If yes, get some aerobics done. If you are a morning person, try meditation or strength training. You can also create space for a mini-gym and work on fitness equipment like a treadmill, rower, or even a stationary bike. If these seem tiresome for you, choose specific exercises that will help improve your postures to begin with.



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