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Hijab, burqa, niqab, chador: Muslim women’s traditional clothing you should know about

Let us know what is hijab and how is it different from niqab and burqa.


From the perspective of traditional dress, a hijab is a scarf worn by Muslim women to cover the head and neck. Most of the girls in the world who have to work in the direction of job, studies and sports, they give more importance to the hijab. In fact, the eyes, face and forehead are kept open in the hijab, which gives freedom in talking and working. Young generation hijab is preferred in most of the Muslim countries of the world. Hijab kurta can be worn with salwar as well as with skirt, jeans or other modern


Burqa is a dress covering the body from top to bottom. In many states of India, women use it while leaving the house. It is often divided into two parts. A burqa comes to the hands, the eyes are open in it. The second burqa covers the head and face and goes up to the feet like a kurta or gown. It is also called an abaya. In this, a separate sheet is tied to cover the head, which also covers the face. In both of these, the part of the eye is kept open so that it can be seen.


Wearing a niqab involves the exercise of covering only the head and the face. The eyes remain is open. It does not cover the entire body of the woman like the abaya


Chador is a full-body cloak. Sometimes a cap is also attached to the sheet and a net is also attached to cover the eyes. It is wrapped around the head and it is wrapped around the body like a shawl. Old age women who are unable to wear burqa, they wear chador.



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