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I admire Kangana Ranaut as she speaks her mind: Chhaya Momaya 

If you are lucky enough to land an invite to life coach Chhaya Momaya’s soiree, you know that you have to dress up, bring your sartorial A-game along with immaculate table manners. Over the years, the towering life coach has groomed the who’s who of the corporate world, launched major luxury brands, hosted many international diplomats and given some epochal image makeovers. Having known her for years, what strikes me about her is her no-nonsense approach to work and life in general. She doesn’t like to mince words. Perhaps that frank demeanour has made her the formidable life coach, who’s respected and envied in equal measure. She recalls one of her first brand launches when people in India were clueless about luxury. “People had no idea what La Prairie was all about and I remember one of the magazines writing that when India is about doodh and malai, where does caviar fit in,” she recalls with a smile. 

“People don’t fail to understand that wearing a brand doesn’t mean you have arrived. It’s not about the price tag, but about the little nuances — the storytelling, the comfort factor, which enhances your lifestyle. In the fashion space, it’s about the cut, the fit and the image you want to carry. Every brand has an image. For example, Armani is about sophistication, Gucci is edgy and Cavalli radiates flamboyance. I’d rather buy a watch, which has a story I relate to. I’d go to a weaver in the South of France to get my linen woven. India is still entering this world, but luxury has come a long way,” she says.

After Hrs caught up with the luxury maven who spoke at length about the relevance of society in the Bollywood-dominated space and her favourite designers.

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