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I am victim of ‘wrong translation’, says Jagdish Grewal 

Mississagauga/ Oct.8, 2015

Reacting to his expulsion from the party over the issue of an old article written by him in Punjabi, former Conservative candidate from Mississauga-Malton, Jagdish Grewal said today that the article quoted by national English media was wrongly translated into English and was portrayed in way that doesn’t reflect his true views.

In a press release, Grewal said that that article was written in March 2015 and it was an analytical report on the debate over rights of LGBT community versus rights of straight people.

He said that English word ‘straight’ that is used for heterosexual people, was translated in Punjabi as ‘sadharan’ as there is no other word for ‘straight’ people in Punjabi dictionary.  In English translation, that was quoted in the media, the word ‘ sadharan’  was translated back in English as ‘normal’ and it was mischievously misinterpreted in a totally different context.

He said that I have respect for every human as there is no place for hatred towards anybody in our religion. His words were misinterpreted for political goals.

Grewal said that he respects the party decision but his values are still believes in conservative values. He said that he will continue his fight as a candidate in the riding with same fighting spirit.

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