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If elected will oppose sex-ed urriculum, marijuana legalization: Aasia Khatoon, candidate for Trustee TDSB Ward 21 Scarborough-Rouge River 

SCARBOROUGH – Aasia Khatoon, candidate for Trustee TDSB Ward 21 (City Wards 41 & 42) Scarborough-Rouge River says if elected she will take up the thorny issues of sex education curriculum and legalization of marijuana. Aasia is a political activist, an educationist and a regulated practicing dental hygienist at Denison Dental in Markham.
Excerpts from her interview:

Q: What are the local issues you have mentioned in your campaign, and how would you address these issues in office?

A: My Ward 21 major issues include:” Reversal of Irresponsible sex education curriculum and saying “NO” to legalization of marijuana ” Providing services to high school students for better career/ job planning ” Securing sports, recreation and after school programs for our Elementary and Secondary school children ” Enriching our children and youth with devising more and more programs that will bring our seniors, our children and our youth together ” Providing better security for our children and
youth.In office I will coordinate, involve and ask for help from Ward 21 community organizations, law enforcement agencies, religious institutions, and local businesses, parent councils of schools, parents, grandparents and guardians of our community in resolving these issues. I will communicate on behalf of Ward 21 on these issues with other Trustees and all other level of governments and relevant non-government institutions.

Q: There are 20 people running for Shaun Chen’s former seat. What makes you a better choice than all the other candidates?

A: I just want to say here to the readers to use the power of their vote, that is the most important thing. Do vote on January 25th, your vote matters, it
really does. Every candidate who is running has their strengths and political beliefs. I believe in strong family values. I will work for youth employment, after school programs, seniors involvement, youth career planning, better security and creating respect and understanding between different diverse groups in our community. My belief; don’t give a child a fish but teach the child how to fish! I am a political activist, a proud community volunteer, a mother, an educationist, youth trainer, Ward 21 resident, former
teacher, and treasurer of parent council of Tom Long Boat Elementary school. My community knows that I am passionate, honest and a resident who really cares about our community and our children.

Q: What would you do, as a trustee, if the board told you a school in your ward was under 60 per cent of its capacity and therefore must close?
A: I will clearly say that there are many other ways that we can utilize the school. We can have afterschool programs. We can use the premises for community events and let people hire the premises for functions which can be as small as holding birthday parties to even conventions or receptions. Schools are the nearest and most accessible place for any community, this gives them tremendous advantage. Many businesses in the locality will not mind providing sponsorships. I know many a businesses who just want to get involved and contribute to their community in Ward 21. There are many a parents who are just waiting to get involved. We can even hold language classes that government offers to newcomers as many newcomers when immigrating have children, this will be the best place to hold such classes for these newcomers. School is a hub for the entire community and we can do so
many things that if I start writing them here I will take many a pages to write these positives. Somebody just needs to take this responsibility and then see the magic. I am that trustee who will make all this happen and that is my promise. Again as my children are in the same public school system and if the system works for them it will work for everyone. The school does not need to close at all, period.
Aasia can be contacted through email: ourchildrenmatter@aalaaconseil.ca
or visit her website

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