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Kevin O’Leary statement on Voter Fraud 

Toronto, ON – Today, Kevin O’Leary issued the following statement:

“When I decided to enter the Conservative Leadership Race I made a pledge to always put integrity before politics, and to stand up for what is right, even if it is politically the more difficult thing to do. Today, unfortunately, I must shed the light of transparency on something I have discovered within our own Party.

It has been brought to my campaign’s attention that there are backroom organizers who are committing wide-spread vote rigging and potentially breaking our electoral and financing laws to try to buy a Leadership victory.

In an attempt to protect against this kind of fraud, the Party has strict leadership rules in place requiring all memberships to be purchased by individuals using either personal cheques or personal credit cards. However, we have been informed that to get around these rules, campaign activists are using untraceable prepaid credit cards to sign up fake members, possibly without these individuals even knowing about it. Beyond the legalities of this, it is completely immoral, and extremely unfair to the tens of thousands of real Party members that will have the impact of their votes weakened.

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