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Liberals Failing to Create Positive Economic Environment for Investors: Watts and Rayes 

OTTAWA, ON – Today, the Liberals are holding closed-door meetings with international and Canadian investors in an attempt to attract infrastructure investment in Canada. Conservative Critics for Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs, Dianne Watts and Alain Rayes, released the following statement today to express their concerns:

“Today, the Liberals are rolling out the red carpet to try to sell foreign billionaires on their new infrastructure bank, an experiment that will cost taxpayers at least $15 billion. The troubling part is that the Liberals don’t seem to understand that public pension funds and other capital investors don’t need an infrastructure bank; they have the ability to invest in Canada right now.

“Communities across the country are already losing $15 billion in funding for important projects in order to finance the Liberals’ infrastructure bank.  Hardworking Canadians shouldn’t also be on the hook for tens of billions of dollars in loans.  If the Liberals were serious about stimulating the economy and creating jobs for Canadians, they would provide investors with the right economic environment to succeed.

“The Liberals promised Canadians that their significant deficit and increased infrastructure spending were going to create jobs and grow the economy. However, no new full time jobs have been created since they took office and 23,000 full time jobs were lost in October. Unfortunately, instead of changing course, the Liberals are doubling down on a failed plan and going further into debt.

“Leading economists have urged the government not to spend more of taxpayers’ money, but the Liberals are not listening. They need to create the right economic environment for investors by lowering taxes, reducing red tape, and demonstrating fiscal responsibility by paying down the debt and balancing the budget.”

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