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Mayor Linda Jeffrey’s Statement on the Budget 2017 Staff Presentation 

BRAMPTON, ON – Today the City of Brampton staff presented a proposed business plan and budget.
Budget 2017 is the result of extensive collaboration across the corporation.
Last year Council approved, in principle, a budget increase of 4.9% to help maintain City services and
infrastructure. In December 2014 I recommended that Mr. Jim McCarter, former Auditor General for
the Province of Ontario be appointed to provide an opinion on the current financial situation at the City
of Brampton. In January 2015 Mr. McCarter provided a high level fiscal state-of-the-nation overview.
Much of the work our staff have been doing over the last year to realize efficiencies has been guided
by Jim McCarter’s recommendations.
Budget 2017 continues to help fund the city wide rehabilitation of our growing and aging infrastructure
and core services. The included 2% Infrastructure Levy is maintained to help mitigate the
infrastructure gap projected to reach $650M by 2025.
The City will be using these investments to leverage Federal and Provincial investments for transit
and transportation initiatives as well as “green” proposals. Budget 2017 proposes new and enhanced
transit and fire services better addressing Brampton’s population growth.
As part of the overview, staff also recommended that $264,000 be set aside to support a university
proposal workplan; other contributions may come in the form of a university levy, use of the existing
“legacy fund” and/or other infrastructure.
Unexpected good news came on the eve of Budget 2017 deliberations in the form of assessment
growth higher than forecast – $1.3M. Currently staff is recommending $800,000 be used to increase
contributions to infrastructure and $500,000 applied to further reduce the City’s budget increase.
Staff found $5.5M in efficiencies without negatively impacting services and is currently proposing a
2.4% Property Tax Impact. Budget discussions will be continuing for the rest of the week and we are
committed to finding ways to improve our services through innovation as we continue to build a better
I invite residents to attend the Special Council Meeting on December 14, 2016 at 7:00PM when
Council will finalize and approve Budget 2017.

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