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Midweek Headlines – October 22 

  1. Thousands of people gathered at the war memorial today to pay tribute to Cpl Nathan Cirillo. Cirillo was killed by a gunman who attacked the House of Commons a year back today.
  2. Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau is holding meeting with the transition team for a smooth power take over. He also met with the outgoing prime minister Stephen Harper yesterday. Trudeau will form cabinet on November 4. Swearing-in ceremony will also take place the same day.
  3. Glaciers near British Columbia’s mountains are melting and according to experts this factor can devastate the region.
  4. Keeping in view the road condition speed limit on some Canadian roads is 100 km/h but experts are asking if it is correct or increasing the limit to 110 km/h or 120 km/h be safer and help move traffic faster.
  5. Bank of Canada has kept the overnight lending rates the same and predicted slow growth in the next two years. However, good news is that the retail and auto industry sales have increased.
  6. Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau will be attending the Paris climate change summit in December to look at ways and means to tackle the issue. However, a recent report shows that climate change will benefit Canada, Russia and Mongolia but the Middle Eastern countries and Southern American states will suffer a lot.
  7. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders agreed to keep fighting militants and continue air strikes. Though world leaders are urging Russia to only target terrorists, Russia has said air strikes will continue against anyone fighting the state.
  8. A US Marine Corps pilot died when his F-18 plane crashed in England.
  9. Blue Jays convincingly won last night 7-1 against Kansas City.
  10. In India Punjabi singer Labh Janjua was found dead at his residence this morning.
  11. In the fourth ODI, India made 299 for 8 against South Africa.


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