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Minister Bains Promotes Diversity and Inclusion Abroad and defends Religious Rights and Freedoms ‎ 

Minister Bains discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion with Italian officials during his trip to Italy for the G7 ICT Ministers’ meeting and specifically referred to Sikhs`s right to carry the Kirpan.

Ottawa – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada The Government of Canada is positioning Canada as a world leader in innovation through the Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year strategy aimed at ensuring that Canada meets the challenges and seize the opportunities of the modern and global economy. Through this plan, Canadians and the international community will benefit from more jobs, skills and business opportunities.

Canada’s value proposition is a big part of that plan. As other parts of the world turn inward, Canada remains open to people from all backgrounds, whether they are refugees from war-torn countries or highly skilled professionals in high-growth industries.

Our open society has attracted generations of innovators and entrepreneurs who have found in Canada a place to fulfill their potential. Canada benefits from the talent and hard work of newcomers, who contribute by creating jobs, opportunity and prosperity for Canadians. We are a stronger country as a result.

This is why Canada committed to promote diversity and inclusion worldwide, including religious rights and freedoms of all minorities and this is why the Minister explained the importance of Italian Sikhs` right to carry the Kirpan in his meetings with Italian officials.

“I’ve always stood for equal rights for everyone, regardless of their beliefs or religion. I was never forced to choose between my career and my faith, which allowed me to contribute to society to the fullest of my abilities. It’s a matter of principle, but these values also make good business sense. Indeed, our diversity gives Canadians a competitive edge in a global economy that depends on people’s ability to navigate through different cultures and languages” – Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

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