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Modi set to become India’s Next PM – Exit Polls 

AAP Major force in Punjab

As per the exit Polls done by Indian TV Channels  which were released on Monday 12th May 2014 , BJP led NDA alliance can win  249 to 289 seats, with 272 needed for a majority.

The Lokniti-CSDS-CNN-IBN post-poll gives the NDA 270-282 seats in the 16th Lok Sabha. The Aajtak-Cicero poll gives the NDA 261-283 seats, and the India TV-CVoter poll 289. Times Now-ORG poll, reportedly carried out with the largest sample size of over five lakh voters over 180 Lok Sabha constituencies, gave the NDA 249. ABP News-Nielsen also gives the NDA a clear majority of 281 without a need for post-poll allies.

As per these exit polls BJP’s Narendra Modi is set to become India’s next Prime Minister. Several national exit polls over-estimated the BJP’s seat share in the last two general elections in 2004 and 2009. The ruling Congress party went on to form coalition governments on both occasions. The Congress party and its allies, in power for the past decade, are projected to win 97 to 148 seats. Aam Admi Party contesting from more than 400 seats is not making major gains as per the exit polls AAP will win 0-6 seats at the National level.

Nine rounds of voting started on April 7 to pick 543 parliamentary seats across 28 states. Turnout averaged a record 66.4 percent, the Election Commission of India said, topping the previous high of 64 percent in the 1984 vote. In the 2009 election, the Congress alliance won 260 seats and the BJP group took 160. Results for 2014 will be announced on May 16.

As far as Punjab is concerned, which voted in single phase on April 30, the Aam Aadmi Party is expected to make its presence felt, said the exit polls. The News24 poll suggested that the AAP, which was at the helm of affairs in Delhi for 49 days, could emerge as the single largest party in Punjab, winning five of the 13 seats, while others gave it no seats at all. In 2009, the Congress had won eight of the 13 seats. Out of a total 1.95 crore electorate, 70% voters exercised their franchise in the state this election. In the 2009 General Elections, Punjab had recorded 70.1 percent polling.

BJP is predicted to win between 47 and 55 of the 80 seats, as predicted by the India Today Group-Cicero poll. Congress will be reduced to just 4 to 6 seats. The Samajwadi Party, which rules the state, and the Bahujan Samaj Party, the main Opposition, will see their strength in the Lok Sabha reduced to a dozen seats or less.In neighbouring Bihar too, the ruling Janata Dal (United) faces a huge setback with its one-time partner BJP snatching as many as 21-23 seats with its allies. The Congress, which has allied with a rejuvenated Lalu Prasad Yadav, may get four seats and Lalu will bring another 10 seats to the UPA kitty. JD(U) will have to be content with five or less. According to the India Today Group-Cicero poll, Mamata Banerjee continues her hold over the state of West Bengal and she will get 25-29 seats. Last time, she was part of the UPA. Now contesting alone, the Congress will have to make do with just 4 to 6 seats. The BJP, which will increase its vote share in the state, may win not more than two seats at best. The Left parties are set to win between 7 and 11 seats in the state.


Times Now exit poll result for Punjab (13 seats): BJP 7, Congress 6 , Times Now exit poll result for Delhi (7 seats): BJP 6, Congress 1 , Times Now exit poll result for Uttar Pradesh (80 seats): BJP and allies 52 seats, Congress 10, BSP, SP 12.

The CNN-IBN exit poll gave the BJP 5-7 seats in Delhi, while the AAP was predicted to win 0-2 seats. For Punjab: BJP 6-9, Cong 3-5, AAP 1-3 the channel added. CNN-IBN projected strong showings by the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, with 45 to 53 seats, and in Maharashtra, where the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance looked set to bag 33 to 37 seats.


ABP News Exit Poll for Punjab : BJP – 1, AKALI 4, CONGRESS 7 , AAP 1, In Himachal Pradesh,. ABP gives three seats to the BJP and one to the Congress. BJP to get 46 seats in Uttar Pradesh, Congress 08, Samajwadi Party 12 and BSP 13 seats as per ABP News/AC Nielson survey. In Haryana, ABP gives nine seats to BJP-HJC alliance, while Congress gets one. Chandigarh is going to the BJP as per ABP.

As per the exit poll results released by the News24-Today’s Chanakya – Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  – 5 seats ,  SAD-BJP -5 seats ,  Congress – 3 Seats, BJP will win in Chandigarh as per News24.


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