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MPP Mangat’s Hazel McCallion Day Act A Law Now 

QUEEN’S PARK – This morning, MPPs voted unanimously
to allow Bill 16, the Hazel McCallion Day Act, to pass Third
Reading. It received Royal Assent and was made provincial
law in a ceremony that followed shor tly afterwards.
Most Private Member’s Bills do not have the opportunity to
reach Third Reading, though Bill 16 progressed quickly through
the legislature, adding to the uniqueness of the occasion. The
author of the bill, MPP Amrit Mangat (Mississauga-Brampton
South) wanted to honour Hazel McCallion for her historic 47-
year career in public service, including 36 years as mayor
of Mississauga, and her continuing work to improve her
community through supporting charitable causes and the
expansion of postsecondary education. The bill stipulates
that February 14th, which is Hazel McCallion’s birthday,
will be remembered provincially as Hazel McCallion Day.
Most importantly, MPP Mangat hopes the bill will draw attention
to the role of women in public life and encourage
more of them to consider careers of public service.
Despite the relative gender balance of Ontario’s population
it is repor ted that fewer women occupy leadership positions
in business, professions and government. The bill found
widespread support through the province, and especially
among Mississauga residents and community leaders.
McCallion’s life of accomplishments and contributions to
her community have won her respect and admiration. When
first elected as mayor of Streetsville, in 1970, the city of
Mississauga barely resembled what it has become: Canada’s
sixth largest city and an important centre of business and industry.
In addition to the growth that McCallion oversaw and encouraged,
she served an historic 36 years as mayor, often gaining more than
90 per cent of the vote share. Even after formally retiring from
public life, in 2014, McCallion has remained an active support of
post-secondary education and health-care in Mississauga, as well
as a fundraiser for charities.
McCallion has gained international renown for her leadership and
won countless awards and honours for her work, not the least of
which is having a school, a college campus and health care facility
named for her. MPP Mangat previously introduced this legislation
as Bill 215 in June of 2016. The government’s decision to
prorogue the Ontario Legislature, however, meant that the bill
needed to be reintroduced. Bills are given a number which corresponds
to the order of introduction.
“Women, and especially young women, have much to offer in
professional and even political life and yet they are under-represented
in leadership and decision-making positions. Bill 16 will
help them to see what women can achieve by drawing attention to
the superb example of Hazel McCallion. McCallion was herself an
businessperson, a politician, an athlete and a mother and she
continues to have an active community life. She has from an early
time, and even now, made a real difference in the lives of people
throughout her community and Ontario.” – Amrit Mangat, Member of
Provincial Parliament for Mississauga-Brampton South.

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