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Obama predicts fruitful summit with Xi 

Washington, Sep 17 (IANS) US President Barack Obama has said that his summit meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping later this month will be “useful” and generate “a lot of outcomes”.

Responding to questions after addressing members of the Business Roundtable on Wednesday, Obama said these outcomes would be “around things like energy and climate change, around improvements in how they (Chinese) deal with investors,” Xinhua reported.

On September 22-25, Xi will pay his first state visit to the US since taking office in 2013.

“I think our military-to-military conversations have been much better than they were when I began office,” Obama said.

Obama said that China “should be and will continue to be an economic competitor,” and the two countries need to reach an understanding about the US presence as a Pacific power.

But it is in the US interest for China to continue a “peaceful, orderly rise”, Obama said. “I think that’s good for the world.”

The US goal was to have China “as a partner in helping to maintain a set of international rules and norms that benefit everybody,” Obama said.

Cyber security would probably be “one of the biggest topics that I discuss with President Xi,” he said. The US was aiming to create a basic international framework that will prevent the Internet from being weaponised. “That requires I think some tough negotiations,” he added.

Cyber security was one of the hot topics that has flared up recently between the two countries.

China has rejected the US accusations of its theft of US trade secrets for economic gains through hacking operations, pointing out that the US was the most advanced country in information technology and China was one of the biggest victims of cyber attacks.

Also, China insists that there was not a zero-sum game between the world’s top two economies, a notion that some Americans hold, saying that both can develop and prosper by building a new model of major-country relationship that is based on equal and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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