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Ontario Elections On June 12 

Last week the ruling Ontario Liberals presented the Budget on Thursday but the very next day Ontario NDP leader Anrea Horwarth announced her party cannot support the budget. Sensing that her Goverenment will fall Premier Kathleen Wynne met with the Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario who accepted her recommendation that Parliament be dissolved for a general election. The election for Ontario’s 41st Parliament will take place on Thursday, June 12. the Ontario Liberals claim that they brought forth a strong budget for Ontario to build opportunity and security ?today and tomorrow. But the NDP chose not to support it. And now we face a choice- a choice between Kathleen Wynne’s safe hands and Tim Hudak’s risky ideas. It’s a choice that will decide the future of our province. With all of that on the line, Ontario Liberals are doing everything we can to win this election.
Speaking in Richmond Hill Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne said “Nothing is more inspiring than to speak to young people. I am eager to know the great leaders they will become. I think leadership is about making tough decisions. Those that allow an opening today, and tomorrow. That’s what I intend to continue to do as premier of
Ontario. ” Ontario PC party was in no mood to support the Budget and wants Elections. Ontario needs a leader who is focused on jobs and balancing the budget, not a government only interested in staying in power, PC Leader Tim Hudak said .”The Ontario of today has too many people out of work. Too many families are getting squeezed with
paycheques that are too small. And too many politicians are worried more about their own jobs than the jobs of Ontarians,” said Hudak. “More now than ever, Ontario needs competent economic management that is focused on a plan for jobs,” added Hudak. “What is best for Ontarians should come ahead of what is best for politicians.
“Kathleen Wynne has been given a year to prove she was different than Dalton McGuinty,” Hudak said. “She has only proven that nothing has changed.” Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath gave an interview to CBC Metro Morning and was in Brampton on Monday to support NDP candidates. Andrea has defended her decision not to support the
Liberal Budget. Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, says she has lost confidence in the Liberal government amid mounting scandal and waste and that it’s time for change. “The Liberal budget is a mad dash to escape scandal by promising the moon and the stars,” said Horwath. “It is time for a government that stands up for middle class families. It is time for a government that respect’s people’s tax dollars. It is time for a
government that makes sense,” she said.”This government has no plan to get the basics right, like
creating jobs, lowering hydro rates, and making life more affordable,” said Horwath. The last-ditch budget comes after the Liberals failed to deliver results on a series of promises made in the previous year’s
budget, including reducing auto insurance rates, cutting home care wait times, and setting up a Financial Accountability Office. “The same government that couldn’t fulfill three promises over the last year is making more than 70 new promises this year. How can Kathleen Wynne build a ship, when she hasn’t managed to
build a raft?” said Horwath.

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