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Outbreak of India-Pak peace at CWG 

Gold Coast: Online, a war of words has broken out among Indian and Pakistan cricketers over Kashmir. Shahid Afridi on one side and Gautam Gambhir, Shikhar Dhawan etc on the other.

Offline, here at CWG, there’s lots of peace. “All Indians we’ve met are just awesome,” says Laiba Najeeb and Muhammad Jazlan, students from Lahore, sent here by their school because they’re just awesome in studies.

But all Indians they’ve met can’t be so very awesome, surely? Those who live in India can actually vouch for the fact that all of Indian people, 100 percent of them, aren’t “just awesome”.

“Well, the ones we’ve met are awesome,” says Laiba, head girl of City School in Lahore. “Today we went to the Games Village and we met lots of Indian athletes. All of them were really very nice.”

“I’ve met many Indians, and all of them were wonderful, very polite and friendly,” says Jazlan, who is of Telugu heritage. “My forefathers had moved from Hyderabad in the Deccan to Hyderabad in Sind after Partition,” he adds, confessing that he does not at 

all know the Telugu language. But he speaks a very friendly language about the Indian people he’s come across through his life. “In Malaysia, I’ve met many Indian students.

I mean it, they really were awesome.”

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