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Peel Police – Fentanyl Awareness – Region of Peel 

Peel – Peel Regional Police want to inform the community about the risks and seriousness of Fentanyl use. The drug is extremely dangerous and has caused a number of deaths not only in western Canadian cities but right here in Peel Region.

Fentanyl is used for chronic pain management.  It is skin permeable and will be immediately absorbed upon contact with skin.  Overdose of this drug can result in difficulty breathing, leading to respiratory and cardiac arrest. Not only is the drug dangerous to the public but also to emergency services personnel and others who come in contact with it. Over the past three years, 37 people have died from Fentanyl use in the Region of Peel. In 2014, there were eight deaths where Fentanyl was either the primary or a contributing factor. In 2015 there were 12, and in 2016 there were 17 such deaths. 

These deaths illustrate the importance of educating both the public and emergency responders, including our officers, of the potential health and safety risks associated with the handling of Fentanyl.  Within the Peel Regional Police, officers have received training outlining some of the dangers posed by the drug, as well as instruction on handling any powder form substance, in order to mitigate the impact of the exposure to toxic or dangerous compounds such as Fentanyl.

Peel Regional Police also continue to work with several community stakeholders to raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers posed by Fentanyl. 

We want to remind the public to report any unidentified substances to police immediately.  If located, do not touch unidentified substances or suspected drugs to avoid accidental absorption.  Do not ingest any medications or drugs unless they have been specifically prescribed to you by your doctor.  Seek medical attention immediately if you have an adverse physical reaction to any ingested substance.


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