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Y MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: ‘Pierre Poilievre defended barbaric cultural practices & niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies’: Mayor Brown

Pooja Luthra

In an exclusive interview with Yudhvir Jaswal, Y Media Group Editor and CEO, Brampton mayor Patrick Brown openly discusses his new journey towards Federal Conservative leadership, attacks his contender, Pierre Poilievre, over the 2015 niqab ban bill, criticizes PM Trudeau and Canada’s immigration system. Read on.

Yudhvir Jaswal: What prompted you to jump at the Federal Conservative leadership race?
Mayor Patrick Brown: I’m not happy with the same old broken approach by the Federal Conservative Party. I don’t believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing an excellent job for Canada as life is becoming more unaffordable. Canada’s falling further behind. Moreover, the Conservative Party has lost their way. I have always taken issues up that I’m passionate about, like stopping Bill 21 in Quebec and fighting for religious freedom. I’m tired of seeing Canada’s opposition sit silently in the face of discrimination. As mayor of Brampton, I have gone across the country soliciting support from other Canadian cities to fight against this discriminatory bill. Now that there’s an opening on the federal level, I can’t just sit on the sidelines. I want to make sure that Canada values inclusion. Every month we hear about Canadians who flee Quebec because of their faith. I’m tired of hearing those stories because Canada’s foundational value is religious freedom. And if we allow religious freedom to be diminished in Quebec, who knows where it goes next. Because of the lack of courage by PM Trudeau and by the Conservative establishment, like Pierre Poilievre, who are supporting this discriminatory bill, I felt it incumbent to stand up, be counted and speak out to defend religious freedom.

Yudhvir Jaswal: How are you different from other leaders aspiring to become Federal Conservative leader?
Mayor Patrick Brown: I think there’s a stark difference. Pierre Poilievre represents the old establishment of the Conservative Party and a very narrow view of Canada. I believe that we’re all in this together. Poilievre had no credibility in announcing a policy that primarily impacts minority communities. He even defended the barbaric cultural practices and the niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies. He’s complicit with the support for Bill 21, which is an attack on religious freedom. I do not accept the Conservatives’ silence on discrimination issues, and I will change the path for the party to welcome everyone here in Canada.

Yudhvir Jaswal: How would you be doing anything different than PM Trudeau? What will be your priorities?
Mayor Patrick Brown: PM Trudeau has created roadblocks at every stage in Canadians using natural resources, which needs to end. It is unfathomable that we have to buy natural resources from foreign governments. Apart from this, I believe we have a revolving door justice system that needs fixing. Trudeau has allowed a justice system that favours criminals over victims. I’ve been on your show before talking about bail reform and why we need it. We can’t have a justice system where the police work incredibly hard, engage in extensive investigations, arrest the criminal, and only see that criminal is released on bail. These are just two examples of how I would take a different approach. Also, Trudeau did not do anything about Bill 21 and said the federal government would not intervene to defend our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while I oppose this action.

Yudhvir Jaswal: What would you have done differently on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis if you were the PM?
Mayor Patrick Brown: I find it incredibly egregious of Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine. I think on the issue of Ukraine, all parties are together. We all stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We are allies and should provide them with the necessary tools to defend themselves. I would say the federal government was slow off regarding what resources we could provide to the people of Ukraine and the refugee crisis. I would have ensured that we have the capacity to welcome those Ukrainian refugees who want to come to Canada. I think Canada needs to start working in a much more significant way.

Yudhvir Jaswal: What would you like to say about the healthcare system in Canada?
Mayor Patrick Brown: Justin Trudeau has spent more than any prime minister in history for the last few years. He has spent more like a drunken sailor and has nothing to show for it. The pandemic highlighted how fragile our healthcare system is. He’s done nothing to work with the provinces to build more health care capacity.

Yudhvir Jaswal: Is Canada doing an adequate job of integrating the immigrants we’re bringing here?
Mayor Patrick Brown: I think, during COVID, there have been real frustrations with the bureaucracy of our immigration system. My goal as prime minister would have been to support people as much as possible to help them integrate. Canada’s a land of opportunities. I think everyone knows that part of Canada’s success has been immigration. But there are barriers when you get here, such as foreign credential recognition. Many talented individuals can’t thrive because of roadblocks and bureaucratic red tape. So it’s one thing to be a welcoming country, but we are doing nothing to make sure individuals that come to Canada can use their skills and talent. This was realized during the pandemic when foreign-trained nurses and doctors could not fulfill staff shortages due to our immigration system. I think Canada can do better. To my very core, I believe that this is something that Canada needs to jump all over to allow talented individuals to prosper.



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