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Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter followers’ count guided by external forces, alleges Congress

The Congress on Monday alleged that the Twitter follower count of Rahul Gandhi was “guided by external influence” due to which it was not increasing earlier, but now it has reached 20 million.

Congress tweeted, “The twitter followers of Shri @RahulGandhi has touched the 20M mark. His letter to Twitter CEO and then the rise in number of followers proves that freeze on his followers count was guided by an external influence on Twitter.”

The party has put a hashtag that Twitter is “exposed” and the number had reached 20 million a week ago, said Congress sources.

On the incident, Rohan Gupta, the Congress social media head said, “This is because Rahulji wrote to Twitter. But other Congress handles are still facing similar hassles and the number is static. We hope that Twitter will not work under pressure from the government.”



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