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Ready to be PM: Rahul 

New Delhi: A progressively confident Rahul Gandhi  on Tuesday said he was ready to be PM should the Congress emerge as the biggest party in  2019.The remarks at an event in election-bound Karnataka, are not the first of the kind by Rahul. Speaking at Berkeley University in the US last September, he had said he was “ready for an executive role”. By this role he meant the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress, a post he refused to take when the party was in power for 10 years. Though Rahul’s remarks stem from his new found confidence as a better public speaker and an aggressive match to PM  Modi in the social media space, the fact remains the Congress needs to win some states before he can voice his PM aspirations. That explains why the party has fielded every possible leader in Karnataka, which it needs to retain at “all costs.” The party has won no state on its own in a long time, barring Punjab.So, former PM Manmohan Singh was in Karnataka to remind the voters that “no PM has stopped so low in public discourse as PM Modi”. Sonia Gandhi too addressed a poll rally after a 21-month haitus. Though officially hailed by Congress leaders, Rahul’s “ready to be PM” remarks at a time of weak electoral footing don’t come as much of a help to the party.

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