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Sikh community gets together to support Orlando shooting victims 

Thank you to the Sikh community of Orlando for getting together and standing in solidarity with our fellow Americans. Thanks to the Orlando City Police, Orange County Sheriff, State Troopers, and all officials who were at the candlelight vigil this evening. Thanks to Florida Equality who helped us deliver 4000 drinks, about 1600 snack pack, 200+candles to the vigil using money gathered by Sikh sangat. A pallet of water was given free by Costco manager Paul at Millinia mall Orlando when we told him we were buying all the rations for the vigil. Thank you Costco’s for donating an entire pallet of water and supporting us in our efforts this evening. We appreciate all the people, whether the kids or adults, who pitched in and helped show that the Sikh community stands strong with the victims. # Orlando Strong

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