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1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the First Ministers are meeting in Vancouver to discuss the government’s carbon tax plan. A press conference is taking place at 1pm Vancouver time, where the prime minister and First Ministers will talk to media.
2. Alexander Trudeau, younger brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defended his stance of writing a letter to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale appealing him not to deport terror suspect Mohamed Harkat saying he has done nothing wrong.
3. Media baron Conrad Black has predicted, not only will his friend, Donald Trump win the Republican nomination but sweep the US elections too.
4. Mississauga City Council has voted unanimously in favour of suspending Uber operations in the city.
5. A mental health advocate has filed a petition to exclude mental illness from doctor assisted deaths. The petition was filed after a Calgary woman was permitted for physician assisted death and another one filed by a terminally ill Toronto man.
6. A new research in BC shows people with higher IQ ignore distractions.
7. A Canadian NGO has taken out a guide – Winter 101 – that informs Syrian refugees how to survive in cold in Canada.
8. AAP Leader HS Phoolka, who is touring various Canadian cities has hit back on radicals in Canada saying he is proud to be an Indian and is not scared of their propaganda against him.
9. The debris of MH370, that disappeared on March 8, 2014, was found in Mozambique.
10. Police shot dead two women who attacked a police station in Turkey.
11. North Korea has fired two short-range missiles after UN imposed more sanctions on the nation.
12. USA, India and Japan will hold joint naval exercises in the northern waters of Philippines near the South China Sea.
13. Ex-MQM leader and former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal has formed a new political party and launched a scathing attack against party Chief Altaf Hussain.
14. In wake of Pakistan’s bad performance in Asia Cup 2016, many have suggested to remove Shahid Afridi as captain. However, PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan has clarified there are no plans to remove him ahead of World T20 Cup 2016.
15. Imran Khan has said Pakistan cricket team has talent but needs the right combination. He blamed PCB for not grooming the team properly and not picking up players on merit.
16. Pope Francis is set to visit Pakistan later this year on the invitation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif where he will offer special prayers for, particularly for those who are fighting against terrorism.
17. After offering its services across the globe, Uber launches in Lahore, Pakistan and has announced to reduce base fares.
18. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attacked Congress saying though the BJP government wishes to work with the opposition but Congress is unnecessarily disrupting Lok Sabha sessions either on the issue of JNU or student suicides. He confessed those matters required debate but hindering the house’s function is making the nation suffer.
19. In the Ishrant Jehan case, Satish Verma, the IPS officer who assisted the CBI probe has said her killing was premeditated. Verma was the member of the special investigation team appointed by Gujrat High Court.
20. Criminal cases have been filed against AAP leaders Bhagwant Mann and Arvind Kejriwal for inciting communal tension and creating law and order situation in Ludhiana, Punjab.
21. Increasing debt drove three more farmers in Indian Punjab to commit suicide.
22. Protesters threw stones on the vehicle of Punjab Minister Janmeja Singh Sikhon in Maur Mandi.
23. In the Asia Cup 2016 India won by nine wickets from the UAE.
24. New Zealand’s cricketing legend Martin Crowe died at 53. He was fighting against cancer for long.
25. Australia will face South Africa in the T20 clash in Durban.

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